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Garage Improvements to Save Energy Costs

A lot of homeowners in Delaware and North Maryland tend to see a rise in their energy costs during the brisk winter months and the sweltering months of summer. However, there are ways to save on energy costs by ensuring that you’re not wasting any heat or air conditioning. One of the leading culprits in wasting […]

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Why Garage Door Sensors Are a Must-Have

It’s very important to take any and every precaution when it comes to your garage door. They’re heavy, and should an issue occur, the situation can become very dangerous. That’s why it’s important to have garage door sensors, so you can reduce the risk of injury from your garage door. At Precision Garage Door of […]

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Regular Garage Maintenance: How it Reduces Safety Risks and Saves You Money

Your garage door serves an important function for your home, with not only allowing you to gain access to your house and store your vehicle, but it also adds to the curb appeal of your property. However, ensuring that your garage door and its opener are well maintained is crucial for the safety of you […]

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Loud Garage Door? It May Be Time to Replace Your Garage Door Springs

A certain level of noise is to be expected when you open and close your garage door. It can be a big indicator to your family that you’re home from work. However, if you happen to arrive late when everyone is asleep, or you head out early before everyone wakes up, a noisy garage door […]

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Garage Door Installation in Delaware

The garage is a fundamental component to your home. Not only is it where you can park your car and store materials like sporting equipment, tools, and appliances, but it’s also one of the entrances to your home. The garage door is just as important as the garage itself, because it provides security and style […]

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Is it Time to Replace or Repair Your Garage Door?

Your garage door is a crucial component to your home’s appearance and security. If you’ve had the same garage door for years, and it’s gone through a bit of wear and tear, you may want to seek out some repairs. However, sometimes the cost of repairs outweighs the cost of the door itself, so you’ll need to […]

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How to Choose the Right Garage Door Color

  There are plenty of factors to consider when getting a new garage door to help not only increase the curb appeal of your home, but to set a style that’s perfect for your home and family. Knowing how to choose the right garage door color is an art form, and at Precision Garage Door […]

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Determining If You Need Universal Garage Door Replacement

There’s nothing more frustrating than pulling into your driveway and hitting your garage door opener while the door remains shut. You think it could be the battery in the remote, something blocking the photo eye, or some mechanical error that’s not the easiest fix. While you’ll still be able to get into the house, you […]

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Insulated Garage Door vs Uninsulated Garage Door

Insulation is important for when those cold winter months roll in. But, when it comes to your garage door, you may have the insulated garage door vs. uninsulated garage door debate, so it’s important to focus on the benefits in order to make a decision that’s right for your home. Our experts at Precision Garage […]

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How Much Does a New Garage Door Cost?

Choosing the right garage door is important, because it’s the gateway to your home and it provides the security and style that can make your house stand out in the neighborhood. Whether you’re performing renovations on your new home, or you’ve decided it’s time to replace your old garage door, there’s a few factors that […]

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