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How to Choose the Right Garage Door Color

  There are plenty of factors to consider when getting a new garage door to help not only increase the curb appeal of your home, but to set a style that’s perfect for your home and family. Knowing how to choose the right garage door color is an art form, and at Precision Garage Door […]

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Determining If You Need Universal Garage Door Replacement

There’s nothing more frustrating than pulling into your driveway and hitting your garage door opener while the door remains shut. You think it could be the battery in the remote, something blocking the photo eye, or some mechanical error that’s not the easiest fix. While you’ll still be able to get into the house, you […]

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Insulated Garage Door vs Uninsulated Garage Door

Insulation is important for when those cold winter months roll in. But, when it comes to your garage door, you may have the insulated garage door vs. uninsulated garage door debate, so it’s important to focus on the benefits in order to make a decision that’s right for your home. Our experts at Precision Garage […]

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white garage door

Capabilities of the LiftMaster MyQ® App

When leaving the house, we’re prone to running through a mental list of checks: keys in hand, lights off, garage door closed. But in the frenzy of our daily routines, sometimes we skip this out-of-the-house inventory and are left to worry instead. The LiftMaster MyQ app may not be able to put your keys in […]

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Garage Door Repair

Why Is My Garage Door Shaking When It Closes?

A big part of being a good garage door owner is keeping your eyes and ears open. Subtle changes in your garage door’s operation, like a vibration when it closes, can be sign of an underlying mechanical issue. In the following post, Precision Garage Door will explore the origins of a shaking garage door and […]

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garage door remote

How to Operate Your Garage from Anywhere

If someone would have told you 10 years ago that there would be a way to control your home’s environment—which doors were locked, what lights were turned on and off, what position your garage door was in—from anywhere, you would have told them they were crazy. Well, thanks to advances in technology and the invention […]

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5 Reasons Why a Cheap Garage Door Is Never Worth It

In the world of garage doors, you get what you pay for. To fully enjoy the long-term benefits that a new garage door provides, you need to make sure that you spend your money carefully and choose a quality product over a door with a petite price tag. To help you steer clear of purchasing a garage […]

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Top 5 Benefits of a New Garage Door

There are numerous reasons why you might want or need a new garage door. Maybe you’re brainstorming ways to spruce up the look and feel of your property. Or if your old door is damaged, for example, a new garage door might be a more pressing need from a functionality standpoint. The experts at Precision Door […]

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Traditional Raised Panel

The Benefits of Automating Your Garage

If you had a garage door that had to be opened and closed manually but recently upgraded to a modern system, you might be thinking, how much easier can using my garage door get? Automating your garage upgrades the capabilities of your modern system to an even higher degree while also allowing you to take […]

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Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Your Garage

The coming of spring is usually when the growing junk pile in the garage finally grabs our attention. One day when you want to get your bike out for an afternoon ride, you realize there’s no clear path to rescue it from the unassuming clutches of the junk side. Luckily, there are ways to tame […]

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